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Your skin has lost its luster.  The fresh, glowing appearance of full, hydrated, youthful skin has given way to dryness, uneven tone, and lines and wrinkles.  You’re looking for a way to freshen things up, but you aren’t quite sure where to start.  And the cosmetics counter is loaded with expensive promises that may or may not deliver.  Trust your dermatologist to cut through the hype and build an effective at-home skin care regimen.  The best defense against the march of time and its tell-tale signs is a strong skin care routine.  We like to call this skin rejuvenation.  The very definition of rejuvenate is “to make (something or someone) feel or look young, healthy, or energetic again,” and if you work with your dermatologist to find the best routine for your own skin, that’s just what you can expect.  Follow the “skin care pyramid” below for evidence-based rejuvenation.  Start with the foundation and work your way “up” the pyramid as you grow more comfortable with each step to gain the most benefit.  Then, you can skip the myriad of products at the cosmetic counter knowing you’ve got the best, scientifically proven plan for rejuvenation already in effect.

In general, aging skin should be treated to a daily skin care routine of the following:

Sunscreen – The sun’s UV rays don’t just accelerate the signs of aging, they also can lead to medical problems such as skin cancer when not protected against.  Start each day with an SPF of 30 or above.  It’s the best thing you can do for your skin both cosmetically and medically!

Retinoids – Next, add a prescription-strength retinoid, such as tretinoin.  Derived from vitamin A, retinoids are among the most powerful topical anti-aging treatments.  These medications promote faster skin cell turnover, helping boost skin’s elasticity, thickness, and slowing the breakdown of collagen.  Retinoids are prescription-strength and should not be confused with Retinol which a much weaker, over-the-counter option.

Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids – A great step to add for exfoliation, especially as a daily facial wash or in-office peel.  Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) are derived from fruit and milk sugars and work as natural exfoliants that may also stimulate collagen and elastin production.  The most commonly used AHAs are glycolic and lactic acid.  Beta hydroxy acid (BHA) is also known as salicylic acid.  Unlike AHAs, BHA is not water soluble but rather is oil soluble, making them more effective at penetrating and exfoliating deeper within the pores.

Growth Factors – Products with growth factors add a proactive step to skin rejuvenation and can also serve as an excellent moisturizer.  All cells within the skin secrete growth hormones.  These hormones help to quickly repair and replace damaged skin.  As we age, these growth hormones slow significantly and skin is no longer able to repair itself with the speed that it once did.  To help aging skin keep up and maintain a youthful appearance, we must get growth factors from outside sources such as creams and serums.

Antioxidants – Our cells are exposed to damaging free radicals from many environmental sources such as tobacco smoke or the sun.  Antioxidants are a means by which to combat free radicals and keep skin healthy and youthful in appearance.  In order to take full advantage of the neutralizing and healing properties of antioxidants, creams or serums which utilize them should be incorporated into the skin care routine.  Vitamins C and E are among the most effective.

Peptides – Looking for a collagen boost?  The last piece of our skin rejuvenation puzzle, peptides are short or long chains of amino acids which make up proteins.  They have been found to help stimulate collagen production which slows significantly with age.  When included in an ongoing routine, products which contain peptides can help skin appear smoother and fuller.

Not all skin care routines or products are created equal.  To better understand which products are best for your own skin type, schedule a consultation with one of our Baton Rouge dermatologists or Lafayette dermatologists.

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Skin Care Pyramid