What is Sculptra?

Some products offer a “quick fix” for adding volume to small areas of the face.  The results are seen quickly, but they may also diminish quickly, requiring more frequent maintenance.  Then, there is Sculptra.  Sculptra is ideal for patients looking to gradually improve appearance for a longer period of time or for patients who need larger areas re-volumized (think cheeks, jawline, and temples).  Sculptra, otherwise known as poly-L-lactic acid, is a synthetic version of the same material that some dissolving stitches are made from.  It’s safe and long-lasting, dissolving away over time, but stimulating the body to produce more natural collagen.  Over time, this acid helps to replace collagen that has been lost with age, providing soft and natural contouring to the face.

What are the Benefits of Sculptra?

·        Results can last for more than 2 years

·        After a series of treatments to achieve the desired outcome, usually only requires an occasional maintenance visit every few years

·        Helps rebuild the body’s own collagen

·        Requires minimal downtime

·        Side effects (if they occur) are typically minimal and usually resolve quickly.  These may include temporary redness, firmness, small bumps, or light bruising.  More serious side effects are rare.  Your provider will discuss these further in your visit.

Learn More about Sculptra

If you are concerned by hallowing in areas of the face or by folds around the mouth, Sculptra can help give you a fuller, more youthful look in the most subtle and natural way possible.  Schedule your consultation and treatment with one of our Baton Rouge dermatologists or Lafayette dermatologists to best determine if Sculptra is the right option for you.