What is Sclerotherapy?

Varicose veins and spider veins are a common cosmetic concern, and in some cases they may even be a source of pain.  These enlarged, gnarled veins typically present without additional complication in the legs or feet where standing and walking place extraordinary pressure.  Ridding the legs of these veins is sometimes done by laser or even surgery, but for small to medium veins, there is a simpler option.  Sclerotherapy is performed by injecting a medication or saline solution injected into the vein. This medicated solution causes the veins to collapse and close, thereby reducing or eliminating its appearance.

What are the Benefits of Sclerotherapy?

·        No downtime required

·        Results are usually visible within 2 weeks – 2 months

·        May be performed every four weeks as needed

·        Side effects (if they occur) are typically minimal and usually resolve quickly.  These may include mild discomfort or slight brown discoloration of the skin.  Your provider will discuss these further in your visit

Learn More about Sclerotherapy

For small to medium varicose veins, sclerotherapy is often the treatment of choice.  This procedure can be performed easily and quickly with great comfort and minimal downtime to patients.  To determine if your varicose or spider veins can be treated with sclerotherapy, contact our Baton Rouge dermatology office or Lafayette dermatology office to schedule your consultation and treatment.