What is Radiesse?

The face is where most of us notice the first signs of aging.  Small wrinkles and fine lines mark the years gone by.  However, the hands can quickly give away age as well.  Radiesse is an injectable filler option used to treat both of these concerns and more effectively reduce these visual indicators of age.  Made of a synthetic version of the very same material found in bones and teeth, Radiesse encourages the body’s own natural production of collagen surrounding the injection site.  As a result, volume builds underneath the delicate skin of the hands or face over time.

What are the Benefits of Radiesse?

·        Results are immediate and continue to build over time

·        Results last a year or longer

·        Downtime is minimal, requiring only 24 hours to avoid strenuous activity or sun and heat exposure

·        Side effects (if any) are typically minimal and usually resolve quickly.  These may include temporary redness, itching, or light bruising.  More serious side effects are rare.  Your provider will discuss these further in your visit.

Learn More about Radiesse

If hollow cheeks, fine lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth, or aging hands are a concern for you, Radiesse may be the most effective treatment option.  To find out if this is the best choice for you, schedule a consultation and treatment with our Baton Rouge dermatology office or Lafayette dermatology office.