Most "Bang" for your "Buck": The Products You Need to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Rejuvenate Your Skin 

Beautiful skin - It’s the driving force behind countless cosmetic appointments scheduled at dermatologists’ offices and spas every single day.  The desire to keep skin fresh, smooth, and young drives a 24 billion skin care market.  And yet, many consumers still are not sure what they should be buying.  The choices are overwhelming, and so we hop from product to product, never sure which should become staples of our routine versus those that can be used only occasionally.  Many products are variations of the same ingredients that can work, yet at wildly different price points.  And some products are just fluff, not worth the time or money invested.  Moreover, you only have so much time and so many “slots” (morning post-face wash, evening after shower, before sleeping, etc.) that can be spent on applying products, so which ones should they be?

While there are certainly in-office cosmetic services which are well worth a “splurge,” day-to-day skincare routines can remain fairly basic, relying on a few tried and true products.  When followed regularly, skin receives the moisture, nutrients, and protection it requires to remain healthy in the long-term.  So, how does one know where to begin?  And, just as importantly, how does one know how, once you’re into a great skin care routine that has science backing it rather than just marketing, to ignore the sales pitch on the shiny, new product, which probably isn’t any better (and could be worse) than the one you’re already using? Read on for our recommended AM and PM routines to rejuvenate and revitalize your own skin.

Morning Routine

Every day should start with a fresh slate, including your skin.  Help prep your face for the day ahead with three steps:

1.      Salicylic acid wash – Oil soluble salicylic acid is effective at penetrating deep into pores, exfoliating, and removing what other cleansers simply can’t.  It helps smooth out the skin and allows the other active ingredients in your routine to penetrate a little deeper.  Bonus: It’s great for acne too.

2.      Antioxidants – Free radicals attack our skin constantly from environmental sources such as smoke or the sun.  Antioxidants, including vitamins C and E, can shield skin from these damaging factors.

3.      Sunscreen – A daily SPF of at least 30 is recommended to help combat the harmful effects of UV exposure, including premature aging of skin and increased risk for the development of skin cancer.  Our office favorite is the complete line of EltaMD sunscreens, formulated to meet the needs of a wide variety of skin types.

These products should be used in this order and before any makeup has been applied.  For an even simpler approach, consider one of our recommended products, Journee from NeoCutis.  An all-in-one option to expedite your morning routine, this moisturizer offers antioxidants, growth factors, hyaluronic acid, and broad-spectrum SPF 30 in one product. 

Evening Routine

After a day of combatting the elements while sporting sunscreen and makeup, skin needs an opportunity at night to breathe and replenish.  If you select the appropriate products, you’ll be giving your skin great advantages while you snooze.  Here is what we recommend for a standard nighttime routine:

1.      Glycolic wash – Glycolic acid is water soluble, and one of the most commonly used alpha hydroxyl acids. This type of cleanser makes for a good chemical exfoliant while also helping to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.  Our team likes the Neo-Cleanse wash from NeoCutis.

2.      Growth factor – Growth hormones secreted by skin cells give damaged skin the ability to repair and replace itself.  As this hormone production slows, infusing the skin with growth factors through sources such as creams and serums will help slow some obvious signs of aging.  For evening application of growth factors when sunscreen is not needed, we recommend NeoCutis’ Bio-Cream.

3.      Retinoid + Peptide mix – With aging skin comes slower cell turnover and lost elasticity.  Products such as retinoids and peptides help keep skin not only looking but also acting younger.  Together, retinoids and peptides will help quicken skin cell regeneration while also promoting collagen production.  The strongest version is a prescription called tretinoin.  It’s the dermatologist’s skin care secret.  Schedule your appointment today so that our providers can review your skin care regimen with you and write your own prescription for this skin care “wonder drug”!

Combining these products in the correct way for your morning and evening skincare routines will help keep skin fresh and healthy while simultaneously combatting the signs of aging.  Of course, there are additional products such as eye cream which you want to incorporate as well.  If you would like help in developing your own, personalized skincare routine with individually selected products and services, contact the Baton Rouge or Lafayette offices of Dermasurgery Center.