Types of Wrinkles and How to treat them

With age comes many skin changes, most of which are less than desirable.  Elasticity and volume gradually begin to go by the wayside.  Years of sun damage suddenly catch up with discolorations, and lines and wrinkles are no longer relegated solely to the laundry room.  Suddenly, they are popping up in your bathroom mirror as well!

Of course, most do what they can to slow this march of time, from taking skin-friendly supplements to switching up skin care products and routines.  And, to a degree, these efforts can help.  However, for those who are looking to make a faster, more dramatic difference, cosmetic dermatology services such as facial fillers and relaxers are the best bet, as long as the correct one is used. 

As though the mere presence of wrinkles weren’t frustrating enough, many are surprised to learn that they come in different forms and that what works for one type may not work at all for another.  It can be enough to make you resign yourself to the presence of wrinkles forever.  But, not so fast.  A skilled dermatologist can help you get to the bottom of your wrinkles and give you definitive answers about the treatment options that will work best.  First, here is what you need to know:

What are Static Wrinkles?

With age, the naturally occurring substances that kept skin full and tight in youth begin to wane.  These include collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.  As a result, static wrinkles can develop.  Being the result of structural changes due to age (and outside factors such as sun damage), these wrinkles do not disappear when the face is in a relaxed state.  They are most often present in the form of vertical frown lines between the brows, vertical lip lines, frown lines around the mouth, and nasolabial folds.  

How are Static Wrinkles Treated?

Because static wrinkles are present even when the facial muscles are relaxed, injectable facial fillers are the most effective means of treatment.  These products include brands such as Juvederm and Restylane and use hyaluronic acid to bring fullness back to wrinkled skin.

What are Dynamic Wrinkles?

Unlike static wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles are visible with muscle tension.  These are the wrinkles that show up with a smile, a frown, or a forehead contraction.  They may show up as crow’s feet around the eyes, creases in the forehead, bunny lines along the side of the nose, or vertically near the mouth.

How are Dynamic Wrinkles Treated?

Because dynamic wrinkles are the result of muscle use, the most effective means by which to treat them is to relax these muscles.  Unlike fillers, facial relaxers such as Botox do not plump up the area.  Instead, they prevent contraction within the surrounding muscles that produce the wrinkles in the first place.  With injection, not only are the wrinkles dramatically reduced or even eliminated, they will stay that way for months at a time.

Wrinkles are an unfortunate reality of the aging process.  Fortunately, treatment options today mean that you don’t have to live with them.  Regardless of the source of your wrinkles, treatment options exist to ease their appearance and help keep you looking as youthful as you feel.  If you are concerned with the appearance of either static or dynamic wrinkles, contact Dermasurgery Center and let one of our dermatologists help you decide on the treatment option that is most appropriate for you.





Chad Prather, M.D.