What Kind of Doctor Should You use for Botox?

You’ve probably seen ads for Botox seemingly everywhere. It’s now offered by nearly every type of physician imaginable.  You can get it from a dermatologist or plastic surgeon or even from your dentist or eye doctor.  Of course, just because you can get Botox from any doctor doesn’t mean that you should.  There may be plenty of areas where you could benefit from cutting corners or bargain hunting, but any medical procedure, including injections, should not be one of them.  When it comes to achieving the natural, youthful look you want from Botox, consider the following factors when selecting your provider:

Medical Training and Expertise of Botox Providers

Botox must be administered by a licensed medical professional.  However, there is no distinction as to the professional’s area of medical specialty.  This means that doctors or nurses without extensive training in facial anatomy may attend a certification course for as little as one weekend before beginning to offer Botox injections to patients.  Yet, Botox and other facial relaxers and fillers must be approached with a delicate and experienced hand in order to keep results fresh and natural.

If you are concerned about looking frozen or fake following Botox, potential side effects, or the overall efficacy and safety of your treatment, some research regarding your provider’s expertise is necessary.  Physicians with the greatest training and understanding of all facial areas approved for Botox (between the brows and around the eyes and mouth) are board-certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons. 

Previous Botox Experience and Patient Results

Once you believe you’ve found a qualified Botox provider, schedule a consultation, and be prepared to ask pointed questions about the procedure, their level of experience, and results.  Ask how many years they have been performing Botox injections and how frequently.  Request to see before and after photos of actual patients, and find out if they have any testimonials.  All of these should give you good insight into their level of skill.

Finally, test their knowledge and patient care practices.  Do your research beforehand, but still inquire about potential side effects.  Ask which of these they’ve seen in their own patients and how frequently they occur.  Follow-up by questioning how they determine which patients are good candidates, how they handle side effects when they do occur, and how they monitor patients following the injections. 

If you find a physician who is able to satisfy all of these criteria, professionally address your questions and concerns, and who makes you feel comfortable and confident, you will know that you’ve found the best possible provider for your Botox procedure.  Schedule your appointment, and enjoy the natural, youthful look that this popular relaxer is able to provide.

For those who are in the Baton Rouge or Lafayette area, Dr. Chad Prather and his team have been providing Botox and incredible patient results for many years.  Learn more about all of our injectables and other cosmetic offerings by contacting either of the Dermasurgery Center locations.