3 Skin Care Brands our Baton Rouge Dermatologist Loves

The skin care product market isn’t just saturated, it’s drowning.  There’s an overwhelming supply of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and creams that could confuse even the most experienced aesthetician, much less the average consumer.  From firming to moisturizing to acne-clearing, they all seem to come with a specific marketed purpose and confusing terminology thrown in the mix.  And, what if you have multiple skin concerns?  Which product should you use then?

We understand the frustration.  We hear it voiced by our patients frequently.  It’s one of the reasons we are so selective in the skin care products that we recommend.  Any product we carry or endorse must meet high standards of quality and user satisfaction.  You may think that you need a counter full of products to treat your skin right, but in reality, you only need a few - as long as they are the right ones. 

NEOCUTIS For Baton Rouge Patients

NEOCUTIS is a brand that prides itself on using innovative technology and engineering in order to create the best possible skin care line and is based on thorough scientific research.   NEOCUTIS doesn’t just follow the latest skin care trends, it often creates them.  Within the brand, you’ll find face and body moisturizers, eye creams, and cleansers that blend ingredients such as human growth hormones, peptides and Glycerin to hydrate and firm skin.  Such combinations make NEOCUTIS formulas ideal for addressing a number of cosmetic skin concerns among all skin types and has earned the line several accolades, including “Best of” lists in publications such as InStyle and O Magazine.

EltaMD For Baton Rouge Patients

Any dermatologist will tell you that the most sound investment you can make for your skin is great sunscreen, applied often.  The truth is that when your skin is protected from the ravages of the sun, your other skin care products don’t need to work nearly as hard.  While you may believe that sunscreens are largely created equal, EltaMD is one brand that will quickly put that notion to rest.  Infused with ingredients such as lactic and hyaluronic acids, EltaMD offers super-moisturizing options that not only protect the skin for the long-haul (up to 80 minutes of water-resistance in the Sport version), but that leave it looking and feeling better than it did before application. 

ZO Skin Health For Baton Rouge Patients

The latest skin care line among our Baton Rouge dermatology offerings, ZO Skin Health is a wide-ranging line with products designed to address your most common skin concerns.  While designed for daily use, these dermatologist-created products make use of ingredients often left to prescription-only options.  Furthermore, in addition to being useful for typical skin care, ZO Skin Health also offers several programs designed specifically for some of the common areas of skin concern such as acne, rosacea, aging, and hyperpigmentation.

We understand the confusion and frustration that can come in the effort to find skin care products that work well.  That’s why we only recommend those in which we have the utmost confidence.  The three brands listed here are among the best of the best, and we have found them to offer consistent, exceptional results.  To purchase NEOCUTIS, EltaMD or ZO Skin Health products in the Baton Rouge or Lafayette area, contact one of our clinic locations.  You may also purchase some of these products on our online store.

Chad Prather, M.D.