Baton Rouge Cosmetic Laser Treatments to Bring Back Your Youthful Glow

baton rouge cosmetic laser

The desire to look youthful, natural, and refreshed is age-old, and while the motive has remained the same, fortunately the methods have improved drastically.  While the women of yore relied on questionable gimmicks and creams laden with mercury, lead, and radium, modern technology has given us far safer and more effective treatment options.

Aesthetic lasers can now be used to remove hair and tattoos, lighten dark spots, and diminish wrinkles.  Increasingly, they are becoming a popular go-to for Baton Rouge dermatology patients.  At Dermasurgery Center, we utilize a number of cosmetic laser treatments, dependent on the particular area of concern.  If a more even and youthful complexion is what you’re after, here is what we would recommend.

Factional Lasers for More Youthful Skin

Ablative and non-ablative lasers both work on the surface of your skin, and can be “turned up” to work on the deeper, dermal layers as well.  These lasers can also be “fractionated” so that the great effects occur over multiple sessions with less “downtime.”  Their many microbeams ensure that less tissue is affected, making treatments more targeted and allowing for quicker recovery time.  Using this fractionated method, age-related aesthetic concerns such as age spots, wrinkles, and sun damage can quickly be improved, with each treatment making results more noticeable.  Additionally, fractional lasers can help increase the production of collagen and elastin, major players that help skin look full and smooth throughout youth and gradually decrease with age.

CO2 Laser for a Younger Complexion

Carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers are thought by many to be the “gold standard” in laser resurfacing.  If dramatic results for lines, wrinkles, or general unevenness of skin is your goal, the CO2 laser may just be your answer, in either the classic or fractionated mode.  Treatments can be used to target specific areas of concern such as around the eyes or mouth, or over the entire face.  With this option, expect exceptional and long-lasting results that continue to improve over time.  Keep in mind that, like most laser treatments, multiple treatments will likely be needed, and recovery time may be longer than with other options.

1540 Laser for a Youthful Glow

While CO2 lasers may set the standard, 1540 fractionated treatments continue to be the most popular among aesthetic lasers.  Their quickness, ease, and minimal to no downtime make them ideal to get a refreshed look without upending your schedule.  While less drastic than other options, the 1540 laser can still help you address the same concerns of wrinkles, lines, and discolorations.  It may even be used to help with the appearance of rosacea or acne.  Multiple treatments will be needed to achieve desired results, but once accomplished, annual treatments make maintenance simple.

Thankfully, we’ve made a lot of advancements in aesthetic skin care.  We now know what is and is not healthy for your skin and precisely what tools are best suited to get the job done.  If aging skin is your primary concern, contact one of our Baton Rouge dermatologists for a consultation to discuss these laser treatment options and any others that may help you find the results you’ve been hoping for.