4 Reasons to Get Kybella this Holiday Season

Kybella Baton Rouge

You’re looking forward to another wonderful holiday season with family, friends, parties, and lots of great food.  With Thanksgiving just around the corner, most of us have had turkey on our minds.  But, what if the turkey that you’re obsessing over isn’t the one on the table?  For many, the turkey neck they want absolutely nothing to do with this holiday season is their own.

Submental fullness is the term used to describe excess fat located beneath the chin and around the jawline.  It’s a particularly stubborn area to slim down, and often, the double chin remains even after pounds have melted away from other areas.  In these cases, when diet and exercise alone aren’t doing the trick, there is another option that can provide permanent fat removal: Kybella.

If you’re finally fed up with extra fat around the jaw making you look and feel heavier than you are, this injectable solution could be the answer you’ve been searching for.  Aren’t yet convinced?  Here are some reasons that you may want to go ahead and schedule that consultation sooner rather than later:

Kybella Delivers Major Patient Satisfaction

Clinical studies of over 1,600 patients worldwide have shown that 79 percent have improved satisfaction with the appearance of their face and the area underneath the chin following treatment.

Kybella Results are Permanent

From smoothing lines and wrinkles to filling lips, there is a seemingly endless list of uses for cosmetic injectables.  However, many of these are temporary, and maintaining results means follow-up treatments every few months or so.  Fortunately for Kybella patients, this is not the case.  Kybella works by destroying the fat cells responsible for submental fullness.  Once they are gone, these same fat cells cannot regenerate, eliminating the need for follow-up treatments.

Kybella has Few Potential Side Effects

In addition to being incredibly effective, Kybella has also proven to be safe.  The most common side effects reported are swelling, bruising, and discomfort.  For most patients, these issues resolve quickly and are less noticeable with each phase of treatment.  More serious complications are rare with the largest potential concern being temporary nerve injury.  However, the likelihood of suffering such a side effect depends largely on the practitioner’s level of skill and expertise. When a physician has been carefully chosen, patients can be confident in a positive outcome.

You Can Save on Kybella

At the writing of this article, Dermasurgery Center is offering a free third vial of Kybella with the purchase of two – a savings of $600.  Such specials are not uncommon, and patients who are interested in Kybella would be well-advised to ask about any current specials available through reputable physicians.  But, be cautious.  Any amount of money saved isn’t worth the risk of using an unskilled provider.

You may not have yet had a holiday dinner, but if you’re ready to dispose of at least one turkey neck, we have the solution!  Don’t let submental fullness continue to leave you dissatisfied with your appearance.  Call the Baton Rouge or Lafayette office of Dermasurgery Center, and request a consultation for Kybella.  The sculpted jawline you’ve always wanted could be just a few treatments away.