Answering Microneedling Patient FAQs

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You may never have expected to see the day when you would pay someone to puncture your skin with tiny needles, but that’s exactly what is happening in waves across the country.  By now, you’ve likely heard of the phenomenon that is microneedling, with its increasing popularity and easy results.  You also likely have more than a few questions about the procedure, why it’s done, and what type of results can be expected.  Naturally, you’ll want answers to these before deciding to take the microneedling plunge, and that’s exactly what we are here to provide.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure designed to thicken the skin and reduce common signs of aging by promoting the production of collagen and elastin. 

How is Microneedling Performed?

Microneedling is performed with the use of a tool or pen with 11 tiny needles at the tip.  These needles are used to create micro-punctures in the skin’s surface.  In response, the body treats these punctures as wounds and ramps up cell turnover, collagen, and elastin in an effort to heal them.

What’s the Difference between Professional and At-Home Microneedling Treatments?

While at-home derma rollers are certainly popular, they are far different from professional microneedling treatments.  The needles for at-home use are typically under 1mm in length, whereas professional options range from 1 to 3mm.  At-home treatments are mild, requiring no topical numbing and are largely meant to aid in the penetration of beauty products.  Professional treatments are more in-depth, require numbing, and are better suited to addressing skin concerns such as lines and wrinkles.

What Kind of Results can I Expect from Microneedling?

With a series of 4-6 microneedling treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart, most patients can achieve optimal results with noticeable improvement in skin’s elasticity and smoothness.  Of course, aging still occurs, so in order to maintain results indefinitely, a plan of treatment should be mapped out with your provider.

What will I Look Like after Microneedling?

While side effects are largely dependent on needle length, thoroughness of treatment, and skin type, most patients can expect redness to last for about 24 hours. 

Is Microneedling Painful?

The most sensitive areas tend to be the forehead and upper lip.  However, your practitioner will apply a numbing cream prior to treatment, keeping any discomfort to a minimum. 

How much does Microneedling Cost?

The average cost for microneedling can range anywhere from $100 to $500 per session and is largely dependent on the provider and the size of the area being treated. 

To learn more about microneedling services offered at the Baton Rouge or Lafayette Dermasurgery Center offices, click below, and request a consultation with one of our specialists.  We will gladly help you determine the most appropriate treatment option for your specific area of concern and answer any additional questions you may have.

Chad Prather, M.D.