The Many Uses of Juvederm: The Filler that Packs a Punch

uses of juvederm

If you’re an American woman over the age of 30 (or perhaps even younger), you are very likely already familiar with facial fillers.  These injectables have made big waves in cosmetic dermatology over the past several years.  Unlike Botox, which is a facial relaxer, fillers are better suited for wrinkles and lines that come with factors such as age and sun exposure.  But, in many cases, such as that of Juvederm, several different formulations exist, and their uses don’t end with wrinkles.  Read on, and discover exactly why this little filler has become such a big deal.

Juvederm for Wrinkles

Many patients complain of wrinkles and deep lines, such as “parentheses” around the mouth, as they age.  This is due to a natural loss of elasticity and moisture.  While some topical agents may prove useful in addressing these problem areas, the deep penetration of hyaluronic acid (HA), offered by Juvederm XC, offers far more dramatic results.  HA occurs naturally in all connective tissues and is a major player in helping skin retain moisture.  Unfortunately, HA dwindles with age and can no longer be replenished naturally.

Juvederm for Contouring

In addition to wrinkles, the natural contour and shape of the face also changes as volume is lost.  Cheeks, in particular, appear hollow and sagging becomes more pronounced.  Enhancing volume in this area through products such as Juvederm Voluma leads to a fuller, rounder, more youthful facial appearance that can last for up to two years once the desire results have been achieved.

Juvederm for Lips

Whether your lips have always been naturally thin or you’ve noticed a loss of volume with age, lip fillers can help you achieve the look you want.  Steadily increasing in popularity, there is no shortage of lip plumping options, from injectable to topical.  However, just as is the case with cheek volume and nasolabial folds, Juvederm does an exceptional job in this arena.  Results achieved with Juvederm Ultra XC and Juvederm Volbella XC can last up to one year.

The number of filler options available to you may seem overwhelming, but Juvederm is often a good place to start.  Contact the Baton Rouge or Lafayette dermatologists at Dermasurgery Center, and let us help you find the best option to achieve your own, dramatic results.