Finding the Right Baton Rouge Dermatologist for You

Researching Baton Rouge Dermatologists

Throughout life, there are a lot of decisions that require your careful consideration, and while you may not have yet realized it, selecting a dermatologist is one of them.  After all, your skin is your body’s largest organ and its first line of defense.  Taking care of it properly should be at the top of anyone’s priority list, and with skin cancer rates higher than ever, there is no better time to begin proactively caring for skin than the present.  With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you select the Baton Rouge dermatologist who is best suited for your needs, whether you’re worried about a suspicious mole or are just hoping to look a little more youthful and refreshed.

Find a board-certified dermatologist

Not solely dermatologists, but any physician who is responsible for your healthcare should be carefully considered and their education and credentials thoughtfully reviewed.  Before scheduling your initial consultation, determine if your chosen dermatologist is board-certified.  Where did they receive their training, and do they have any particular specialties? Look at board memberships and other professional group affiliations.  Doing so will help you ensure that your doctor is well-trained and up-to-date on the latest developments that are pertinent to your care.

Consider your dermatologist’s level of experience

Even with a great education and credentials, there are some things that are best learned through experience.  For instance, if you require a surgery such as Mohs to remove a cancerous skin lesion, you’ll want someone who is not only fellowship-trained, but who has also performed the procedure many times, perfecting their technique to an art.  If you’re unsure, ask your doctor about their experience with your particular procedure or condition during your consultation. 

Find a dermatologist with a range of services

While there may be one particular service or area of concern that initially draws you in, you will undoubtedly need your dermatologist for more in the future.  Services can range from medical to surgical to cosmetic.  For your own convenience, find a physician who offers a wide range of services that are most likely to meet all of your future needs.  After all, once you’ve found an experienced dermatologist whom you really like, you don’t want to start the search all over from scratch.

Take dermatology patient reviews into account

No matter which doctor you are considering, there are others who have gone before you.  In many cases, these individuals have even left behind their thoughts about their experience in the form of online reviews.  Search your new physician’s name on Google and look up their practice pages on social media.  Hearing what former or existing patients have to say about their own experience will give you valuable insight about what you can expect for yourself.  Similarly, you can crowdsource your own reviews by asking friends and family for their own recommendations.

When it comes to selecting your dermatologist, don’t just call the first name you come across.  A little research can go a very long way and ensure that you end up with a competent physician whom you can continue to see for years to come.  

MedicalChad Prather, M.D.