Are You a Candidate for Blepharoplasty?

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A complete skincare regimen designed for your particular skin type and concerns is a necessity that comes with age.  It’s an important part of maintaining that youthful, healthy glow that so many scramble to retain after it’s already too late.  However, even with a stellar skincare program, some tell-tale signs of aging are still bound to crop up, particularly in areas where skin is more delicate.  This is precisely why the eyes are among the first areas to reveal age. 

Small lines and wrinkles may begin at the corners of the eyes.  Over time, puffiness and drooping eyelids may also become an issue.  While a quality eye cream such as NeoCutis Lumiere will help slow these processes, there are still some patients who will require further intervention to make the eye area look young again.  In these cases, blepharoplasty is often a good choice.  Not sure if your own concerns make you a candidate for this eye-improving procedure?  Read on to discover just who may benefit most.

Sagging Upper Eyelids – It’s no secret that skin loses elasticity with age.  Sagging and wrinkles are among the most common cosmetic concerns we hear from patients, with eyelid drooping, also known as ptosis, often leading the way.  As the skin stretches and muscles become weaker, eyelids begin to hang lower and lower.  As the condition worsens, what should be the focal point of your facial features becomes the most obvious sign of aging, and one you may wish you could hide entirely.  Blepharoplasty is a viable option for the majority of patients to correct this particular concern. 

Puffiness Around Eyes – Puffiness around the eyes, particularly the lower eyelids occurs frequently with age.  Caused by bulging fat pockets which become more evident with the loss of skin elasticity, bags under the eyes, may be corrected through blepharoplasty to remove or reduce these fat deposits. The result is younger, fresher eyes that no longer appear tired. 

Vision Interference – In some cases, drooping or even puffiness of the eyelids can be so severe as to cause a functional problem.  For these patients, blepharoplasty goes beyond the cosmetic, restoring a full field of vision by eliminating the source of interference.  In other cases, sagging upper lids may make it difficult or uncomfortable to wear necessary corrective lenses such as glasses.  This is another issue which may be corrected surgically.

What not to Expect

While blepharoplasty can address a number of age-related, cosmetic concerns surrounding the eyes, there are some that it will not help.  Fine lines and wrinkles surrounding the eyes such as those commonly referred to as “crow’s feet” will not be affected by blepharoplasty.  If you have these concerns, speak to your dermatologist about filler options such as Botox and Juvederm.

If sagging or puffiness of the upper or lower eyelids have become bothersome for you, contact our Baton Rouge or Lafayette offices to schedule a consultation and discuss the possibility of blepharoplasty.  Our expertise in the delicate eye area gives us the skill needed to produce the most desirable results.  Click below to learn more.