Skin Care at Every Age: Your 20s

skin care in your 20s

Regardless of age, we all want to look our best.  Your 20s may feel premature to begin actively protecting your skin against the signs of aging, but the truth is, you’ll never be better equipped for the battle than you are right now.  Thanks to an abundance of youthful hormones and elasticity, your skin looks and feels its best.  Use the momentum you already have to help your radiant skin stick around as long as possible and to slow the impending signs of aging looming in the following decades.

Use Antioxidants – Free radical damage to skin from environmental sources such as smog, smoke, dust, and the sun are constantly threatening skin and can accelerate signs of aging.  The amount of exposure to these elements is often beyond our control and our exposure often underestimated.  When not protected against, free radical damage can result in skin discolorations, loss of elasticity, and wrinkles.  Antioxidants arm your skin with the power it needs to protect against free radicals before damage occurs.  Get them through your food with vitamins A,C, or E and topical application.

Use Daily SPF – This point cannot be stressed enough.  No matter your age, UV rays from the sun or artificial light sources can and will damage your skin.  In fact, the majority of skin damage that can result in lines, wrinkles, discolorations, and even skin cancer occurs during our younger years.  Just because you haven’t seen the signs of sun damage yet doesn’t mean they aren’t lurking beneath the surface.  Get in the habit now of applying daily sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher, even when you don’t think you’ll be spending much time in the sun.

Establish a Skin Care Routine – Clearasil may have gotten you through your teenage years, but you’re all grown-up now and so too should be your skin care.  In your 20s, finding products you love and that work well for your skin is among the most important elements in setting up success for beautiful skin in the long-term.  In addition to antioxidants and SPF, find a gentle daily cleanser, moisturizer, and night cream.  Keep any exfoliation light.  At this point, you shouldn’t need much.  Once you’ve found your products and gotten into your skin care routine, try not to let it slip.  Even if it has been a late night, avoid the temptation to fall into bed with your makeup still on.

Find a Trusted Dermatologist – Trust us, as the years go by, you’ll want a skilled dermatologist on your side.  From helping you conquer acne to eliminating wrinkles to examining a suspicious mole, this is one relationship that may grow and change but will last just the same.  Look for a physician who is board-certified and whose credentials, experience, and staff you feel comfortable with.  Consider your dermatologist an ally in the fight for youthful, glowing skin.  There is no one more qualified to help you address your cosmetic concerns.

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