What is Earlobe Repair?

Occasionally, the tissue of the earlobe can tear due to trauma or excess weight such as that of heavy earrings worn over time.  This can result in an undesirable appearance, as well as an inability to wear jewelry.  Fortunately, torn earlobes are easily repaired with a simple, surgical procedure.  The specific technique used will depend on the patient, as well as the size and location of the tear.  When the best approach has been determined, the ear is marked, local anesthetic applied and surgery performed. 

What can you Expect After Earlobe Repair?

Following the procedure, antibiotic ointment will need to be applied over the course of a few days to ensure proper healing and ward off infection.  Once the earlobe has fully healed, there should only remain a very fine scar which should not present a cosmetic concern.  While the ears may be pierced again (typically about 8 weeks after surgery), caution should be used to prevent another tear.  This includes avoiding large or heavy earrings.

Learn More about Earlobe Repair

If you have experienced an earlobe tear, repair is an option.  Rather than attempting to hide what can be an embarrassing aesthetic concern, consider this simple procedure to make the ear like new again.  To learn more, schedule your consultation and treatment with our dermatologist in Baton Rouge or dermatologists in Lafayette.